Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Marketing Manager - a.k.a. my MOM

You know, if I were to advise a newbie artisan on how to successfully market their work, the 1st thing I'd tell them is... find someone who really believes in you and appreciates your work, then promote them to "Marketing Manager"!!

My Marketing Manager is my Mom, Valerie Bauer. She has always been a huge supporter of my work. She has assisted me at craft shows, helped to fill orders, keept my kids so I could sell to the tourists.... so, it's no surprise that she's taken the helm again. But, I truly didn't understand the hidden potential here. In a few short months my Mom has accomplished the following:

(1) Booked two jewellery parties

(2) Sold at least one peice to most of her friends and associates

(3) Found two additional retail stores to sell my work

(4) Located a fellow vendor to sell my work at a weekly market in a neighbouring city


She even sold to the waitresses AND the chef in the last restaurant she was in!!!

Now, I don't know about all Artisans but, I find it very difficult to push my own work... I'm just too selfconcious. So, for all of you other shy people, for the love of money and success, please take the time to find yourself a marketing manager!!

If, like me, you don't have a large budget for marketing, consider using a percentage of your sales as payment. Personally, I will gladly give up a couple of bucks from every peice sold if it means my work is being SEEN, APPRECIATED, PURCHASED, and WORN!!!

Good luck in your quest for your own marketing manager.
PS. Thanks Mom!! :o)


Little Lovables said...

This is so funny! I talk up my sister and mom's shop in real life way more than I do mine!




Mum/ Valerie Bauer said...

Thanks for the appreciation daughter of mine, and you are an exceptionally talented jewellery artist! I get a real buzz from marketing, and wearing, your creations. For a gal who has hopscotched from one project to another, you have now found your creative niche. We will have to make plans for a special summer 3rd anniversary celebration of your business. You create - I market, works for me!