Friday, April 4, 2008

For the Love of Wholesale

This afternoon Mom and I packed up the kids and diaper bag, stroller, jewelry samples and business cards. We all piled into Mom's electric blue car and headed to the mall. Of course the boys conked out as soon as the tires hit the pavement so I didn't actually get to go in the mall but I did get to the parking lot which is a lot for me these days.

While I sat in the car with my snoring kids Mom went in to do some business. Twenty minutes later I was getting pretty bored sitting in the car but doing my best to be patient. Another five minutes ticked by (slowly) and out comes mom.... with a wholesale order from Just Silver.

For those of you who are not familiar, Just Silver is a boutique that sells high end jewelry from well known artisans such as Trudy Gallagher of Bejewelled. Needless to say I am thrilled and happier then ever that I finally put my Mom to work for me.

Delivery day is this Wednesday so, the next few days are going to be crazy. My studio (a.k.a. the spare bedroom cum office) will be transformed into a magical (messy) place where wire and beads will gracefully be transformed (tortured, tangled and teased) into mini works of art. My boys will hate every minute of this creative process since they'll be crammed into their highchairs in a corner of the "studio" with toys and a mini dvd player. But, when the delivery is made I will forget all about my calloused hands and torn fingernails (and cranky kids).

Now, I need to get off the net and into the studio!!