Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leisa's Little People Earrings

One day when I was playing with wire I stumbled across Leisa's Little People. They are very fun to make and I've received alot of positive feedback from my customers. I've sold a ton of them and, even people that don't buy stop by my table and comment on them!
I am busy working on building my stock to get ready for tourist season and my favorite - the CRUISE SHIPS!!
And, I'm going to be selling my wire bookmarks uptown at Read's on Charlotte Street. They are a fabulous shop that carries used and new books AND $2 magazines!! I'll upload some pics of the bookmarks tomorrow.


Dharma Designs said...

These are so cute! Lovely blog, too!

Plaidfuzz said...

Those are darling!

Gwammie said...

Hi - this is Leisa's Mother and her biggest fan! I totally love her jewellery and am in awe of her talents. Since I help at sales I get to see not only the product but the consumers reaction. Little People are available in a variety of sizes and colours. I eagerly await your next creation!